We love Engrish!

So, no one really knows that our blog exists, so no one we actually know has submitted comments yet, but we have a whole bunch of spam comments. This one is our favorite so far:

There be required to be a way with a view my kids to training at people’s home what they learn in class. Then it bash me – songs!! Take a melody usual round and ball-shaped in their heads and they’ll not in a million years lose communicate with a song for each of my English games, using [link redacted] merely the vocabulary used in class! This is the inception it! How are you?

I’m going to start using that: “Then it bash me!” :)

2 thoughts on “We love Engrish!

  1. Gay Wright

    Kids, I read your blog for the first time … today! I love it!!! What a delightful journey. As soon as I finished reading as much as I could, I called your dad in and told him he must read this because it was sooooo good and delightful. Thank you for letting me see more about your courtship and, Lord, thank You for bringing these two together. You are so loved, Mom

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