Monthly Archives: March 2011

We love Engrish!

So, no one really knows that our blog exists, so no one we actually know has submitted comments yet, but we have a whole bunch of spam comments. This one is our favorite so far:

There be required to be a way with a view my kids to training at people’s home what they learn in class. Then it bash me – songs!! Take a melody usual round and ball-shaped in their heads and they’ll not in a million years lose communicate with a song for each of my English games, using [link redacted] merely the vocabulary used in class! This is the inception it! How are you?

I’m going to start using that: “Then it bash me!” :)

Hanging Out (dawn)

Our first non-church hang out was on a Sunday night in early August. I had worked all weekend on a deadline for work. Around 4pm my Facebook chat list showed Tyson had logged on. BING!

Me: Hi!
Him: Hi! How are you?
Me: Fine. Been working on a deadline all weekend. What are you up to?
Him: Swung swords at people all morning and then helped one of my friends from the class move into his new place. Have you left the house at all this weekend?
Me: No.
Him: Well. You have two options. I have to get something to eat. I can either go get something and drop it off for you, if you need to keep working. Or, if you can take a break, you can come with me.

I opted to take a break and go with him. (Freaking out! Food! You know. The code.) While I waited for him to come get me. I texted my friend, Elle.

Me: Hey. Just in case, I figured I should tell someone that I’m going to grab dinner from one of the guys from my small group.
Her: That’s great! I can check on you later to see if he turned out to be the roof top killer.
Me: Ha!

I found out later that when she got my text, she squealed. Her husband came running to see what was wrong.

Her: Dawn’s going out to dinner!!!!
Him: With a MAN??!!!???
Her: Yes. Just as friends, though.
Him: Still. A man.
*Grins all around.*

Anyway. Tyson picked me up and took me to a good Italian restaurant in the neighborhood.

Me1: Woah. Italian. Fancy Italian. Watchit.
Me2: I know! I know! Gah! Freaking out! Freaking out!
Me1: Chill out. Be cool. Do not get all wonky. You guys are just friends. Be cool.
Me2: Right. Be cool. Ok.

Somehow I managed to fit in some pasta amidst the butterflies while we chatted about the various outdoorsy stuff we liked to do. I was happy to find out that he didn’t just read and write and play guitar, he also liked to go on adventures.

After we ate, he dropped me off, so I could continue with my work.

Me2: Gah! Gah! Freaking out! Gah!
Me1: Will you just calm down. Its all good. We just had a meal. Friends do that. We’re good.
Me2: Gah! Gah! Freaking out! Gah!
Me1: Oh jeeze. Relax.
Me2: Gah! Ga–
Me2: Yes. Yes. I’m good. Thanks. Totally cool, man. (Gah!)