Facebook, Chat, and Txt – oh my! (dawn)

So, one night, I showed up to group with my hair like this.


One of the guys made a comment about Pipi Longstocking, and asked if I was on Facebook. We all started talking about a) how weird the Pipi Longstocking books/movies were, and b) about friending each other on Facebook.

When I got home (about 2 minutes by car), I had a friend request waiting for me. I guess he wanted to be my friend before the other guy. 😉

The next day, I’m online and a chat window pops up, “Oh, hey! I’ve never done Facebook chat before, so I thought I’d test it.” Yeah, right 😉 So thus began our electronic correspondence. Over the coming weeks we spent hours chatting about the silly and the serious over IM, phone txts, email, and Facebook messages.

I don’t know about Tyson, but I developed a Pavlovian response to the little alert sounds for messages. I’d get all excited and nervous (and hopeful) to see a message from Tyson, and then disappointed if it wasn’t him. We’d communicate all day, and got to sending a final message each evening. It got to where I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I got my “good night” text. (Such a girl!)

This was a great way for our friendship to develop, as we talked about all kinds of stuff: politics, religion, movies, books, corn dogs… What the emoticon equivalent of “Robot Sharks with Lasers” would be… Good times. We got to know a lot about each other before we even started hanging out.

Next up: Hanging out.