Game Night (dawn)

At this time the group would meet for four weeks to discuss the material in the Renovare Spiritual Formation Workbook and to share how their “homework” from the previous week had gone. On the fifth week the group gathered for dinner and fun. The first social night I attended was “Breakfast for Dinner” and Games. Hosted by Shane and Tyson.

When planning the thing, the first suggestion was a cereal potluck, and though the rest of us moved on to a full breakfast, Tyson stuck with cereal. So on the night of the meeting, while we ate crepes and seasoned potatos and various breakfasty odds and ends, Tyson enjoyed a bowl of Captain Crunch.

This was my first social time with the group, so the newness was overwhelming. New house. New people. New personalities. Trying to make small talk. Trying to not knock my juice over or get food in my hair. And the whole time very aware of where Tyson was at in the room. (Usually standing in a corner, holding his bowl of Captain Crunch.)

After a breakfast, we moved on to games. I introduced one I’d just played at the women’s retreat: Telephone Pictionary.  Hilarious! Tyson sat to my right, which meant he would be receiving the cards I passed. I don’t remember what I wrote on my card, but I do remember two things:

1) Tyson’s first card was, “Come and see the violence inherent in the system.” Wha? How do you draw that? Poor Leanne.

2) The first card handed to me was “Dick Cheney”.

Now, I could draw a guy behind a desk and an American flag, etc. etc. But that could be anyone. I’m trying to guess a specific guy. So usually for this kind of stuff, you separate the words and syllables. So, “Dick” “Chen” “ey”.


I’m trying to get this New Cute Guy to guess the word “dick”.

From a drawing.

Clearly, I am a woman of class and substance.

Tyson was sitting to my right (where I would have to pass my cards), and I just kept laughing and apologizing. “Dude, I am so sorry. So sorry!”