Google Day (dawn)

So, while planning for an upcoming social event for the group (post to come), I notice that he sends email from his own domain. This usually means someone’s got a website. Sooooo I decide to Google New Cute Guy. I am not disappointed.

He’s got a website, a few blogs, and a twitter account. I can see what he writes (a lot! tons of essays and fiction and poetry), what he reads (a lot! books, blogs, comics, articles…), who he follows (blogs, twitter, etc.), his interests and pursuits (western martial arts, guitars (He’s got an album??), art, politics, social justice, loose leaf tea…).

I can see that have a lot in common, which was sort of thrilling, because my way of looking at the world is so… unique. I never thought I would meet someone that I could be compatible with. But we also have a lot not in common, which makes him fascinating.

I read for hours, and kind of start freaking out. This guy is amazing! I had no idea anyone like this could exist! The way he thinks about things is unlike anything I’ve ever seen – totally outside of the box. The diversity of his friends and interests and expressions. He can write about whiskey, or Jesus, or love, or philosophy, or the proper way to hold a handgun… Who is this guy??? And he’s single? Never been married?

Now, I was in a place in my life where I had decided not to date, and didn’t see that changing any time soon. But this guy… Oh, man. I got a little twingy glimmer of something. What if? What if this guy? I may have even said a prayer, Oh Lord, if this could be…

Google Day was big for me.