We Meet – Part 2, or Why We Owe Randall Munroe Dinner (dawn)

So, I like the group well enough to brave a second visit. I get there and settle into a couch, next to my friend, and can see that Tyson (the New Cute Guy) isn’t there. He joins us a bit later and apologized, explaining that he was involved in a discussion on one of the forums he participates in.

As he’s explaining I instantly think of a particular webcomic. And, lo and behold, he finishes his explanation with the punchline. I laughed and halfway through I started quoting along with him, “… on the Internet.” His eyes got big and he grinned as we said, in unison, “xkcd!”

Everyone else looked at us in confusion, and we smiled the knowing smile of geeks/nerds who just got an inside nerd joke. A scene that would repeat often in the future.

After the meeting he came over, “You read xkcd???”

Ah, the first spark of young nerd love.

NOTE: Some other things I notice right away, aside from being cute, this guy is smart. Scary smart. And articulate. And thinks outside the box. Has a lot of passion and creativity in his approach to the world. And he’s kind. He always seems to notice peoples feelings, and I heard him checking on folks a few times after our meeting, to see how they were doing and to offer a hug or some sympathy. Very cool.