Monthly Archives: November 2010

We Meet – Part 1 (dawn)

I had spoken at a women’s retreat in 2008 and during some free-time had connected with a smart, fun, hip gal who shared my love for spiritual disciplines and cocktails. She was a writer/mom who’d moved up to my hometown to start a new church with some other smart, fun, hip people. Sadly, the churchplant turned into a faceplant, and all those folks scattered to the winds. She ended up at my old church (the one hosting the retreat I was speaking at.)

The following year I attended the retreat as a participant and ended up sitting at a table with this same smart, fun, hip gal. Now, just a few days before retreat I’d noted in my journal that it was time for me to find some spiritual community near my home. I especially wanted to find something around the spiritual disciplines, since that was something I was already into and wouldn’t have to add a whole bunch of stuff to my already packed plate.

Well, on our second day of retreat, my smart, fun, hip friend invited me to a small group that was starting up. A group that was going through the Renovare Spiritual Formation Group book. A group meeting literally down the street from me. “And it’s a bunch of writers. You’d totally like these people. And they all live in Midtown and Curtis Park. I’m going this Wednesday. I can give you a ride.”


So I went. There were about 10 or so people there. A mix of ages and professions. All of them hip, cool, and urban. I felt very New Kid. I am an introvert. New people freak me out. Groups freak me out. Groups of new people freak me out. But they were kind and welcoming, and I was already sorta friends with one of them, so I hung in there.

One of the group’s hip, cool, urban leaders had dark eyes with cool glasses, a shaved head, an earring, a tattoo, and a goatee. He was smart and funny, and kind. And single.